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Welcome to a World Where Stories Aren’t Just Told; They Come Alive

At American Authors, we recognize the extraordinary power of stories. They’re more than words on a page; they’re catalysts for change, sparking new ways of thinking and being.

Inspiring Young Minds: Angel, now 7, started creating stories at 3 that shaped his bright mind and redefined learning. His early adventures in writing showcase the incredible potential of youthful creativity.

Empowering Voices: Christine, my daughter, at 6, used her writing to illuminate the plight of the homeless, demonstrating how young authors can inspire change and compassion.

Creativity in Challenging Times: Luis, my eldest, used the quiet of the pandemic as a creative haven, writing four books that challenged norms and showed the endless possibilities, even for those on the Autism spectrum.

A Journey of Resilience: Dali, my wife, turned a life-changing near-death car accident into a pathway to happiness. Her book, ‘Defeat It!’, is more than a story; it’s a testament to finding joy and purpose through life’s trials.

Celebrating the ‘Specially Gifted’: Latanya Walker and Jacqueline Correa have authored inspiring books for their grandchildren with special needs. “Space Dreamer: Reagan’s Adventures Across the Solar System” and “The Amazing Adventures of Sebastian: Beyond Limitations” are beacons of inspiration and understanding for families with special needs children.

Stories That Honor Heroes: Our books, like “American Heroes: Raising the Flag” book series, do more than tell tales; they keep the legacies of our nation’s heroes vibrantly alive.

From Bedtime Stories to Family Legacy: Imagine a simple bedtime story becoming a cherished book passed down through generations, intertwining a family’s history into its very fabric.

Keeping Memories Alive: We believe in celebrating loved ones not just in memory but through stories that capture their essence, keeping their spirit alive through time.

Join the Movement of Storytellers

Your invitation is open. Whether it’s a tale that opens a child’s world, a narrative that brings people to faith, or a memoir that celebrates life, your story has a place with us.

We’re about more than writing books; we’re about creating change, crafting legacies, and touching lives. American Authors has proudly published over 300+ books, journals, notebooks and more, each a thread in the grand tapestry of our human experience.

And the journey continues, as we foreshadow our next wave of YES! Legacy Learning programs. From Level 1: Young Emerging Storytellers, we expand to Level 2: Young Entrepreneurial Superstars and Level 3: Young Eloquent Speakers – programs designed to cultivate the next generation of visionary writers, savvy business minds, and inspiring orators.

Your Story Is Waiting. Write It. Share It. Live It.

Step into our world, where your story is not just a story; it’s a revolution waiting to happen. It’s a legacy, a lesson, and a lifeline. It’s yours to tell.

American Authors: Where Every Story Matters and Every Legacy Lives.

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at American Authors Academy American Authors Academy is not just an institution; it’s a distinguished community selectively curating its members to maintain an environment of high-caliber authorship and innovative thinking. Membership is a privilege extended to aspiring and established authors who demonstrate unique potential and a commitment to excellence in the literary arts.

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Delve into a world where each word you write is part of a larger journey. The American Authors Academy is your gateway to becoming the author you aspire to be. We provide the guidance, community, and resources to turn your literary aspirations into achievements.